ROUNDUP: Gov. Laura Kelly Gains Broad Support Across Kansas 

ROUNDUP: Gov. Laura Kelly Gains Broad Support Across Kansas 


TOPEKA – Governor Laura Kelly’s campaign continues to build momentum as the Governor’s ability to work across the aisle delivers historic achievements, and garners broad support from Kansans in all corners of the state.

Endorsements are coming in from Kansans of all walks of life. Republicans, former elected officials, advocacy groups, and unions are joining team Kelly including former RNC Committeewoman Alicia Salisbury, former Republican Attorney General Robert Stephan, former Republican Representative Jan Kessinger, former Republican Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger, over 60 other Kansas Republicans, former Governor of Kansas John Carlin, over 125 current and former Kansas educatorsthe Kansas Carpenters UnionEquality Kansasthe United Food and Commercial Workers Union, and the Kansas Machinists Union.


Here’s what they’re saying about why they’re supporting Governor Kelly in 2022: 


  • Former RNC Committeewoman Alicia Salisbury: 

“Governor Kelly has led a bipartisan effort to rebuild Kansas and deliver results for families, regardless of political party. Governor Kelly knows that it’s more important to bring people together to get things done. That’s why she’s been able to accomplish historic economic development success, reinvest in our public schools, and rebuild our roads and bridges. Governor Kelly has proven that she is the bipartisan Governor that we need to build a better future for Kansas.”


  • Former Republican Attorney General Robert Stephan: 

“There is no greater responsibility for an elected official than fighting for the interests of Kansans regardless of party or political interests. Governor Kelly has consistently upheld that responsibility. The Governor balanced the state’s budget, made our roads safer, fully funded our public schools, and put a stop to wasting taxpayer dollars. Governor Kelly spearheaded historic economic success for Kansas.  I’m glad to join her team to build a better future for our state.  Kansas needs her continued leadership.” 


  • Former Republican Representative Jan Kessinger:

“Governor Kelly has spent her first term working across the aisle to deliver record achievements for Kansans. From fully funding our schools to reinvesting in our infrastructure,  Governor Kelly has a proven track record of getting things done. She’s consistently brought together lawmakers, regardless of political party, proving she’s the bipartisan Governor we need to rise to the occasion and continue to build on the successes and achievements of the last four years. We cannot afford to go backward.” 


  • Former Republican Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger: 

“Over the last four years, Governor Laura Kelly has turned Kansas around. From fully funding our public schools and reigniting our economy, Governor Kelly’s bipartisan, moderate approach to governing has delivered for Kansans time and again. Governor Kelly is moving Kansas in the right direction, and we need to keep going. As a Republican, I’m proud to endorse Governor Laura Kelly’s campaign for re-election.”


  • Former Republican Senate President Stephen Morris: 

“I worked with Governor Kelly for many years when we were both in the Kansas state Senate. The Governor has always been willing to work with both sides of the aisle to get things done for Kansans. She is the steady leader we need to keep our state on the path forward.”


  • Former Governor of Kansas John Carlin:

“Governor Kelly has truly embodied what it means to deliver for all Kansans. In just four years, Governor Kelly has rebuilt Kansas after the previous administration decimated the state. She delivered record economic improvement, delivered on her promise to fully fund public schools, and delivered infrastructure improvements across the state – both rural and urban. Every Kansan can be proud of the direction that Kansas has moved under Governor Kelly’s leadership and I’m proud to endorse Governor Laura Kelly’s campaign for re-election.”


  • Republican Educator Kenya Patzer: 

“Governor Laura Kelly has completely turned our education system around. For many educators, the disasters of severe underfunding from the Brownback administration are still top of mind. No one wants to turn back the clock. Governor Kelly has pushed us forward, and we’re looking forward to continuing those achievements with her.” 


  • Former Educator Eileen Sieger: 

“Thanks to Governor Kelly, we’ve fully funded public education for three years in a row. Teachers, students, and families can rest assured that they have an advocate in the Governor’s office under Laura Kelly. Governor Kelly’s proven leadership has delivered historic achievements and I am proud to support her efforts in providing our children with the world-class education they deserve.”


  • Gary Perinar, Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council Executive Secretary-Treasurer:

“Governor Laura Kelly’s rebuilding of Kansas’ infrastructure has brought thousands of projects and jobs to Union Carpenters across the state, allowing the industry to thrive,” 


  • Thomas Witt, Executive Director of Equality Kansas:

“Since Governor Kelly was first sworn in as a state senator in 2005, she has been a steadfast ally to the Kansas LGBTQ community. We were proud to endorse her during her years in the Kansas Senate, and endorsed her campaign for governor in 2018.  We are deeply grateful to Governor Kelly for her leadership, and are proud to endorse her once again for re-election.”


  • Martin Rosas, President of UFCW Local 2: 

“Governor Kelly’s investments in Kansas’ workforce and commitment to supporting working families has allowed our members to thrive, and once re-elected to a second term, she will continue to be a friend and crucial partner to our hard-working members. During the pandemic, her office ensured that essential meatpacking and retail workers — who had risked their lives and their health to keep America’s families fed throughout the worst of the crisis – were prioritized in Kansas’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan. Also, through the Kansas Hispanic and Latin American Affairs Commission, she has promoted the active participation of Hispanic and Latino leaders to represent and stand up for the wellbeing of our families and the working class in Southwest of Kansas and throughout our great state. UFCW Local 2 looks forward to continuing our crucial work with Governor Kelly and her team over the next four years.”


  • Cornell Beard, Directing Business Representative of Kansas IAMAW:

“It is vital for labor to have a voice as Kansas’ economy continues to grow. Governor Kelly not only understands this, but has stood by us and elevated our voices during her time in office. Governor Kelly has rebuilt our crumbling economy, made historic investments in Kansas’ infrastructure, rainy-day fund, and education, all while cutting taxes for working-class families. The Governor has been laser focused on growing Kansas’ economy and providing relief for hard working Kansas families- and she’s delivered. We’re looking forward to her continued leadership in 2022.”