Good Government

Restoring Public Confidence in Kansas government

Laura Kelly has fought to improve transparency and increase accountability throughout her time in the Kansas legislature. From the crafting of the Brownback tax experiment to the privatization of KanCare to the Department of Children and Families, Kelly has stood up to the Brownback-Colyer Administration and demanded accountability.

In a Kelly Administration, Governor’s Cabinet members and staff of the Governor’s Office will be required to sign an ethical code of conduct that ensures the highest standards of integrity within the administration. She will also advocate for a series of lobbyist reforms, increase transparency of legislative proceedings and lower the cost to access Kansas open records.

Read Laura’s plan for transparency in government here:

Reinstituting the Equal Protection for State Workers

One of Laura Kelly’s first acts as governor will be to reinstate the Equal Protection Clause, which was put in place by Governor Kathleen Sebelius, to protect LGBTQ+ civil servants from discrimination. These protections were eliminated by Sam Brownback. Reinstating this protection is essential to make sure all state workers receive fair and equal treatment.

Reversing the Adoption Discrimination Bill

This year, Jeff Colyer signed a bill allowing adoption organizations that discriminate against families based on sexual orientation, religion and other things.

This is an irresponsible, shameful bill that allows for discrimination. It ignores the needs of our most vulnerable children. As governor, Laura will work to reverse this law and eliminate discrimination of any kind in Kansas.