After years of Governor Sam Brownback’s self-inflicted economic recession, Laura Kelly believes we need a new approach to jumpstart job growth in a rapidly changing economy.

Laura has long supported traditional engines that drive prosperity: public schools, job training, and infrastructure, but she also believes Kansas leaders must think more like entrepreneurs and less like politicians. We must innovate and make creative, strategic investments that plan for the jobs of the future.

Invest in Our Workforce

Laura Kelly has a vision of education that spans from early childhood to K-12 to college to the workforce. Business owners understand that great schools – and early learning and job training programs – are the key to a bright future and growing economy.

Laura will invest in higher education, including technical and trade schools, and job training programs so that all graduates in Kansas have the skills needed to enter the workforce. She will focus on promoting partnerships to ensure businesses can find the trained workers they need in their industry and schools (high schools and technical schools) are providing the skills training needed by our business community. That means investing in high school technical programs, community college certification programs, and college and university tuition relief.

Innovative Business Destination

During the last eight years, the Kansas economy has been stagnant and lagging behind many neighboring states.

Unfortunately, the Brownback-Colyer administration dismantled many cutting edge programs just to fill the fiscal hole they created. For example, the Kansas Bioscience Authority, which was designed to accelerate growth in the bioscience sector, was dismantled in order to pay for the disastrous tax cuts.

It is critical that Kansas look for new, creative ways to encourage growth in new industries. Laura will focus on making Kansas an innovative business destination and supporting new industries that leverage our state’s strengths to let us grow.


In order to support and enhance the economic climate in Kansas, Laura Kelly will prioritize investment in roads and other infrastructure needs. She will work with our local communities to make roads in urban areas the best they can be to support area businesses, expand 4-lane highways in rural areas, and improve the digital infrastructure in Kansas (including broadband)

Encourage Rural Growth

In the last decade, only 17 of the 105 Kansas counties have grown in population – widening the gap between urban areas and rural communities. Laura Kelly is determined to change this and encourage growth and development in our rural communities.

To do this, Laura Kelly will focus on several areas of investment: healthcare, infrastructure, tourism and community specific investment. View her detailed plan for rural prosperity here.

A Welcoming Kansas

The past eight years under the Brownback-Colyer administration have tarnished the image of Kansas, leading to large amounts of out migration from the state. Laura Kelly wants to make Kansas a place where young people and families want to work and live. We do this by welcoming diverse people to our state and investing in our schools, creating high paying jobs, and making Kansas a business destination.