Over 200 Kansas Parents Endorse Governor Laura Kelly for Re-Election

Parents across the state throw support behind Governor Laura Kelly, citing the need to protect their childrens’ futures 

TOPEKA – Today a bipartisan group of over 200 parents from across the state endorsed Governor Laura Kelly for re-election. These parents, spanning the political spectrum, cite Governor Kelly’s commitment to investing in public education, childcare access, and affordable healthcare access. These latest endorsements highlight Governor Kelly’s successful coalition building and her broad support among those most invested in our childrens’ futures.


“Governor Kelly has always put our children first. She moves past partisan politics and brings people together to get the job done,” Cortney Xiong said. “And she’s done a fantastic job, like fully funding schools and bringing new high-quality jobs to Kansas. Governor Kelly is the only candidate that I trust to put the interests of Kansas families first. I’m standing with Governor Kelly because I know it’s the right choice for the future of our state and the future of my children.”


“There is nothing more important to me than ensuring that Kansas’ future is bright. And there is no better way to do that than by investing in our children,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “I’m making sure that Kansas families have the resources and support they need to succeed. That includes fully funded schools, access to high-quality jobs, access to high-quality childcare, and access to affordable healthcare. I’m proud to have the support of every one of these parents from across Kansas and look forward to building a better future for Kansas.”


Since Governor Kelly took office in 2019, she has prioritized investments in Kansas’ children and working families. When Governor Laura Kelly first took office, Kansas public schools were chronically underfunded, leaving our children to suffer the consequences. Governor Kelly wanted to ensure that every one of our children received the world-class education they deserve and worked to fully fund public schools all four years in a row.


Governor Laura Kelly knows childcare is a major economic driver in Kansas. We can not have a robust workforce if parents do not have access to affordable, quality childcare. Governor Kelly invested funds to make childcare more affordable for Kansans so that more parents, especially women could enter the workforce.


Governor Kelly expanded Medicaid postpartum coverage from 60 days to 12 months for new mothers, a move that will decrease rates of infant and maternal mortality and set new parents up for success.


Governor Kelly’s campaign continues to build momentum earning broad support from every corner of Kansas, including  Republican Kansas Governor Bill GravesRepublican Kansas Governor Mike Hayden, former Republican US Senator Nancy Kassebaum, former Republican US Senator from Kansas Sheila Frahm, former RNC Committeewoman Alicia Salisbury, former Republican Attorney General Robert Stephan, former Republican Representative Jan Kessinger, former Republican Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger, over 160 other Kansas Republicansthe Kansas Carpenters UnionEquality Kansasthe United Food and Commercial Workers Union, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Union of Kansas, the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Union of Kansas, over 60 Kansas small business ownersthe Kansas Service Employees International Union, the Kansas City Pipe Fitters Local 533 Union, the Kansas AFL-CIOKansas Laborers’ Local 1290, and End Citizens United & Let America VoteThe Greater Kansas City Building and Construction Trades Council, the Wichita / Hutchinson Labor Federation, the Ironworkers Local 10 Union, the Roofers Local 20 Union, over 50 Kansas ranchers and farmers, the Kansas State Council of Fire Fighters, over 125 current and former Kansas educatorsStand Up Blue ValleyGame on for Kansas SchoolsEducation First Shawnee MissionAmerican Federation of Teachers-KansasKansas National Education Association, and United Teachers of Wichita, and the Kansas Plumbers and Pipefitters Union Local 441, and MainPAC.


Full list of parent endorsements below:

Casey Phillips, North Newton
Andrea     Slagle-Abrams, Manhattan
Katie Roggenbaum, Augusta
Lindsay Schmidt, Hays
Katherine Warren, Wichita
Jen Spearie, Manhattan
Laura Vollen, Wichita
Lynnlea Anderson, Garden City
Susan Hoge, Salina
Sarah Wesch, Manhattan
Angela Quintana Oropeza, Wichita
Katie Allen, Manhattan
Bill Allen, Manhattan
Nikki Owen, Manhattan
Carolyn Devane, Manhattan
Kim Bradney, Junction City
Mary Ware, Wichita
Jim Swim, Maryville
Trina Powell, Hays
Amy Bergman, Hays
Kyle Carlin, Hays
Todd Powell, Hays
Kandyce Cudney, Marysville
Carol Hughes, Seneca
Sheryl Brotton, Douglass
Darlene Jones, Plainville
Nicole Frank, Hays
Gregory Eiselein, Manhattan
Marlene Whitney, Plainville
Mary Lucas, Derby
Esau Freeman, Wichita
Mona K. Gasaway, WIchita
Sarah Leslie, Wichita
Krista Danielson, Manhattan
Greta Clark, Dodge City
Kristen Alhareedi, Andover
Kristi Kirk, Wichita
Morgan Carney, Wichita
Martha Wade, Pratt
Ty Dragoo, Topeka
Lauren    Tice Miller, Topeka
Matthew Miller, Topeka
Kimberly Brewer, WIchita
Michael Harris, WIchita
Jordan Bayless, Topeka
Peggy Valliant, Wichita
Rebecca Munson, Stilwell
Lisa Beran, Derby
Amanda Smith, Augusta
Dixie B. Robinson, Wichita
Jennifer Becker, Stilwell
Miranda Smith, Manhattan
Melinda Waldron, Shawnee
Skylar Estes, Topeka
Arielle Murphy, Topeka
Dana Gillis, Louisburg
Cortney Xiong, Leawood
Maria Roth, Shawnee
Charleen Mankameyer, Shawnee
Elizabeth Kelly, Roeland Park
Claire Reagan, Olathe
Robynn Andracsek, Olathe
Cate Eighmey, Olathe
Amy Cunningham, Olathe
Kate McNeil, Olathe
Deborah Winchel, Olathe
Colleen Cunningham, Overland Park
Erin English, Lenexa
John English, Lenexa
Marcia Carney, Lawrence
Ashley Walker,     Olathe
Shauna     Devenport, Olathe
Kelly Piper, Overland Park
Shabina Kavimandan, Leawood
Taylor Vitztum, Olathe
Heather King, Overland Park
Katie Ireland, Olathe
Megan Lee, Lenexa
Amber    Duensing, Olathe
Danielle Keller, Overland Park
Leena Fry, Lenexa
Ashley Miller, Kansas City
Laura Hewitt, Prairie Village
Megan Maciel, Olathe
Stacey Sales, Olathe
Amy Warkentin, Overland Park
Mary Ralstin, Lenexa
Katie Korte, Lenexa
Jennifer Widman, Overland Park
Emily Vijayakirthi, Olathe
David Jarrell, Leawood
Cinthya Hernández, Overland Park
Morgan Funk, Olathe
Amber Hruska, Overland Park
Sarah Dubin, Leawood
Shanna     Groves, Olathe
Meg Schimmels, Olathe
Sherrie     Dupree, Olathe
Carrie Wieneke, Fairway
Traci Graves, Merriam
Jennifer Jarrell, Leawood
Amber    Pagan, Gardner
Amanda Ball, Olathe
Allison Calvin, Overland Park
Laura McCamish, Olathe
Angie Mendez, Olathe
Jennifer McCabe, Overland Park
Amy Milakovic, Overland Park
Nikki Herr, Olathe
Cary Smalley, Overland Park
Lauren Levy, Leawood
Brittany Bates, Olathe
Vann Benson, Olathe
Gaby Munoz-Lucas, Olathe
Brooke    Johnson, Olathe
Nicole Bernard, Overland Park
Megan    Langford, Lenexa
Emily Meissen-Sebelius, Prairie Village
Lauren    Wyatt, Kansas City
Scott Reagan, Olathe
Melissa Gener, Overland Park
Laura Arenas, Kansas City
Christine Jackson, Overland Park
Sally Jercha, Leawood
Marni Thompson-Tilove, Overland Park
Denise    Todd, Olathe
Candace Johnson, Spring Hill
Patty Logan, Leawood
Rebecca Bell, Kansas City
Ginny Krumme, Kansas City
Kelly Wall, Lawrence
Megan    Jennings, Leawood
Sarah Selby, Leawood
Luke Selby, Leawood
Nikki Pauls, Overland Park
Shannon Kimball, Lawrence
Kim Jennings, Lawrence
Jenn Hethcoat, Lawrence
Barry Shalinsky, Lawrence
Cindy Yulich, Lawrence
Amy Phalen, Lawrence
Brian Geary, Olathe
Christina Holt, Lawrence
Amy Sand, Lawrence
Megan Poindexter, Lawrence
Lisa Greenstreet, Lawrence
Regina Tireman, Olathe
Kristina Salmans, Lawrence
Devin Wilson, Lenexa
Emily Ray, Lawrence
Lindsey Yankey, Lawrence
Julia Hilt, Lenexa
Amy Hoover, Lawrence
Ashton    Martin, Lawrence
Marcel    Harmon, Lawrence
Darbi Hebrank, Lenexa
Brenda Rausch, Olathe
Courtney Grundy, Olathe
Melissa Bellach, Overland Park
Dana Lattin, Lawrence
Maggie Padek, Overland Park
Katie Mangelsdorf, Lenexa
Audra Stiles, Overland Park
Carlyn Locascio, Olathe
Amy Hill, Olathe
Carrie McCarthy, Overland Park
Amy Carter, Overland Park
Heather Grimsley, Overland Park
Molly Lund, Prairie Village
Natalie    Morgan, Overland Park
Emily Lane, Overland Park
Stewart Lane, Overland Park
Jamie Greason, Prairie Village
Amanda Betzen, Mission
Sarah Preu, Overland Park
Eileen Siegl, Olathe
Courtney Carlson, Overland Park
Connie    Grimes, Lawrence
Kay Nelson, Prairie Village
Rebecca Kurtz, Olathe
Oliver Kurtz, Olathe
Molly Marciel, Lawrence
Jody Stoskopf, Fairway
Randy Warner, Spring Hill
Elizabeth Winter Lewis, Mission Hills
Mackenzie Mader, Shawnee
Erin Chudley, Roeland Park
Sabrina Reed, Overland Park
Nicole Novak, Overland Park
Beth Jacobson, Overland Park
Melissa Ragland, Roeland Park
Becky Eason, Lawrence
Jami Hubbard, Olathe
Judith Deedy, Mission Hills
Laura Parks, Overland Park
Sherri Soule, Lawrence
Tom Ruddy, Lawrence
Marilyn Ward, Leavenworth
Deann Mitchell, Olathe
Patricia Willer, Lawrence
Shea Geist, Roeland Park
Mandy    Baldwin, Lawrence
Colleen Denney, Leavenworth
Norine    Spears, Lawrence
Codi Bates, Lawrence
Simon Bates, Lawrence
William Peterson, Overland Park
Matt Xiong, Leawood
Jennifer Talbott, Lawrence
Chris Barnes, Olathe