ROUNDUP: Governor Laura Kelly Lands Largest Business Investment in Kansas History

~Panasonic to bring 4,000 new jobs and $4 billion in business investment to Kansas~

TOPEKA – Governor Laura Kelly landed another historic win for Kansas. Kansas won the competitive bid for the largest electric battery plant in the United States – Panasonic. This project will bring 4,000 new jobs and inject over $4 billion in the Kansas economy. With this announcement, Governor Kelly brought in more private sector investment than any governor in Kansas’ history, putting Kansas back on the map.

Read more about Panasonic’s decision to choose Kansas: 


“Gov. Laura Kelly prevailed in a whirlwind economic development competition Wednesday by landing a commitment from Panasonic Corp. to build the largest electric vehicle battery plant in the world at an industrial park in eastern Kansas.

“Kelly said the partnership with Panasonic was a “once-in-a-generation opportunity” to transform the state’s economy by delivering thousands of new jobs and billions of dollars in new business activity.”


“‘Winning this project shows that Kansas has what it takes to compete on a global scale — and that our pro-business climate is driving the technological innovation needed to achieve a more prosperous and sustainable future,’ Kelly said.

Kelly called it an investment that will benefit the entire state. It’s expected to create 4,000 new jobs, plus support an estimated 4,000 additional jobs created by suppliers and community businesses and 16,500 construction jobs.”


“A new electric vehicle battery factory is coming to De Soto, Kansas, along with billions of dollars of investment. Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly made the official announcement in Topeka Wednesday evening. She said the facility is expected to invest $4 billion and create up to 4,000 jobs at the plant. She also believes the project will create more than 16,000 construction jobs.

‘It’s the largest private investment in Kansas history,’ Kelly said.”


“State officials expect the new plant to have about 4,000 workers, which would make Panasonic a “top 20, easily” private employer for the state in terms of its size, Kansas Commerce Secretary David Toland said. He and other officials believe suppliers and other local businesses will create up to 4,000 new jobs, and there will be 16,500 temporary construction jobs.

Kansas’ landing the project represented a big success for Kelly, a Democrat who faces a tough reelection race this year. The announcement also comes as Kansas finds itself flush with cash and able to absorb the financial hit that the incentive packages could otherwise have on schools and state programs.”


“Through the Panasonic investment, $2.5 billion in yearly economic activity is projected.

A study from Wichita State University predicts 16,500 construction jobs could be created as part of the investment.” 


“Panasonic will reportedly build its newest battery manufacturing plant in Kansas, snubbing Oklahoma’s pitch for the factory to be built at Pryor’s Mid-America Industrial Park.

Japanese news outlet Nikkei first reported Wednesday the Japanese electronics company will invest several billion dollars for an electric vehicle battery factory in Kansas to supply a new high-capacity battery for Tesla vehicles that are manufactured in Texas.” 


“Panasonic said it will pay an average of $50,000 a year per worker. That’s $18,000 more than the median income in Kansas. It’s a big win after record investments landed by state leaders.

‘The most business investment per capita of any state in the nation. We’re No. 1,’ Kelly said.”