ROUNDUP: Gov. Laura Kelly Continues to Build Broad Coalition of Support from Across Kansas

TOPEKA – Governor Laura Kelly’s campaign continues to build momentum as the Governor’s ability to work across the aisle delivers historic achievements, and garners broad support from Kansans in all corners of the state.


In just one month, Governor Kelly has gained the endorsement of unions and small business owners from across Kansas including: Kansas AFL-CIOKansas City Pipe Fitters Local 533 UnionKansas Service Employees International Union, the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Union of Kansas, and over 60 small business owners across the state.


Here’s what they’re saying about why they’re supporting Governor Kelly in 2022: 


  • Co-owner of Hutchinson bookstore, Crow & Co. Books, Sara Crow: 

“Governor Kelly’s commitment to investing in education, infrastructure, and economic development while cutting taxes for families and small businesses shows her commitment to growing the economy by focusing on Main Street instead of Wall Street. Her work to enable small businesses to drive the economy is keeping our local economies on a much more stable footing and allowing us the opportunity to grow rather than having to tighten our belts.”


  • Kansas AFL-CIO President Tony Spicer: 

“The successes that Governor Kelly accomplished these past few years is nothing short of incredible. Businesses are flocking to Kansas, unemployment has hit an all-time low, and there are more job opportunities than ever before. Kansas’ economy is growing faster than ever and, thanks to Governor Kelly leadership, labor is not being left behind. We’re proud to endorse Governor Kelly for re-election and look forward to seeing where she takes Kansas in her second term.”


  • Kansas City Pipe Fitters Local 533 Business Manager, Kevin Hendrickson:

“Governor Kelly’s success in attracting businesses to Kansas has created new job opportunities and projects for our members. Whenever new businesses come to the state, they need properly installed and serviced HVAC, industrial manufacturing and process piping systems, keeping our members employed. With all of these new investments, our members can rest assured that they will be able to put food on the table. We’re looking forward to seeing Governor Kelly’s leadership continue to push our workforce forward.”


  • SEIU President Kimberly Brewer: 

“Kansas’ economy has seen incredible growth under Governor Kelly, presenting our members with greater opportunities for work and tangibly improving lives. Working families are thriving under Governor Kelly as she continues to fight for everyday Kansans. We are proud to stand behind her as she continues her work for working families in 2022 and beyond.”


  • SMART Kansas Legislative Director & Chairman, Ty Dragoo: 

“Governor Kelly is committed to strengthening Kansas’ workforce and has always made sure we had a seat at the table. Governor Kelly made incredible progress these last four years, including cutting taxes for working-class families, and we’re looking forward to her leadership during her second term.”