ICYMI: Governor Kelly Makes Historic Economic Achievements During Her First Term 

ICYMI: Governor Kelly Makes Historic Economic Achievements During Her First Term 

KEY QUOTE: “We have revived our state. We’ve fixed a lot of the things that were wrong, and clearly, that strategy is working,” Kelly told Salina Post in an interview Thursday afternoon. “And I want to continue to build on that so that I leave Kansas a lot stronger than I found it.”


Kelly: Economic development key to strengthening Kansas 

Salina Post

June 17, 2022


“Last week, it was announced that Kansas was one of only five states to win Area Development magazine’s coveted 2022 Gold Shovel Award, the second such award in as many years. The annual award is given to states that attract high-value investment projects that create a significant number of new jobs in their communities.”


“While the job growth is a huge boost for Salina, it also has created a need for more housing in and around the city. On April 20, Kelly signed the new state budget that includes increases [to] the state’s funding for housing by $65 million over two years.”


“‘Obviously, I want to build on the successes of my first term. I want to continue to set records for economic development,’ Kelly told Salina Post. ‘I want to continue to fund our schools and our roads, all of the things that really contribute to our economic success and the quality of life here in the state.’”


“‘Another thing I want to build on and complete is by the end of my second term, I want to have every home and every business in the State of Kansas that wants to be connected to high-speed internet to get connected,’ Kelly said. ‘We know that if we are going to continue to grow as a state and attract people and keep people in our state, we’ve got to have that connectivity, so that is a goal.’”


“Earlier this year, Kelly was in Salina twice. Once to announce that Salina had joined the state’s revitalized Main Street program. Kelly noted that both Salina efforts were boosts to economic development. The Kansas Main Street program, for instance, give communities access to key technical services, networking, and training opportunities. It also allows local officials to prioritize restoring and preserving unique, historic downtown business districts.”