Kris Kobach: Sam Brownback was a good governor

Kris Kobach: Sam Brownback was a good governor

In a campaign-defining moment during last night’s debate, Kris Kobach raised his hand to say that he thought Sam Brownback was a good governor.

A moderator in the KSN-hosted debate asked the candidates to “raise your hand if you think Sam Brownback was a good governor.” Kris Kobach raised his hand. Laura Kelly did not.

Below is a statement from Senator Laura Kelly, candidate for governor, on Kris Kobach’s outspoken support for the Brownback agenda:

“Sam Brownback destroyed so much of what made our state special – our schools, roads, healthcare and economy. If that is what Kris Kobach considers to be good governorship, just imagine what he’d be like in office. Kris Kobach will be Sam Brownback on steroids.”

“Voters have a clear choice this election. Will we continue with the reckless policies of Sam Brownback, which devastated our schools and our economy? Or will we move in a new direction? I believe Kansans are ready for a change. That’s why we have so much support and momentum heading into Election Day.”