RELEASE: KC Biz PAC endorses Laura Kelly for governor

The political action committee for the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in Partnership with the Civic Council of Greater Kansas City endorsed Senator Laura Kelly for governor.

“I’m honored to be endorsed by Kansas City Biz PAC in our campaign for governor of Kansas,” said Kelly. “This is a pivotal year for our state. We must slam the door on the Brownback experiment that stalled our economy and cost us jobs. By investing in our schools and balancing the budget without raising taxes, we can provide stability for our business community to grow and thrive.”

According to its website, the “KC BizPAC is not affiliated with any political party. Rather, it’s organized to support state and local candidates who have taken responsible positions on issues involving business and the economic well-being of the Greater Kansas City area and the states of Kansas and Missouri.”

“Throughout my career, I’ve worked with all Kansans to deliver results that move our communities, businesses and families forward,” said Kelly. “I led the effort to reverse the Brownback experiment and put Kansas on the road to recovery. That’s why I’m endorsed by Republicans like former Governor Bill Graves and US Senator Nancy Kassebaum. The only way we can get Kansas back on track is by working together.”

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