Laura Kelly back Highway 69, condemns Brownback-Kobach empty promises

Laura Kelly back Highway 69, condemns Brownback-Kobach empty promises
Kelly: Budget stability is the key to finishing highway projects

At a press conference in Arma, Kans., near Highway 69, Senator Laura Kelly, candidate for governor, committed to maintaining budget stability and finishing Highway 69.

“I’m here today to make sure the people of this community know that I am committed to finishing Highway 69,” said Kelly. “It is critical to the safety of your families – and it is critical to the economic health and growth of this region. The only way we finish this project is by electing leaders who will ensure the Brownback experiment remains a thing of the past and who will make sure Kansas has a stable and balanced budget.”

As a result of the Brownback tax experiment, more than $2.5 billion was swept from the highway program to fill budget holes. This led to highway projects being delayed or eliminated across the state. Kris Kobach has promised many times to bring back the Brownback experiment if elected governor.

“Kris Kobach has said over and over he wants to repeat the Brownback experiment and take it even further,” said Kelly. “If Kris Kobach is elected governor, Kansas will be in a world of hurt. Just like it was with Sam Brownback. And the first thing to go will be our roads.”

Kelly reminded the audience that Sam Brownback and Jeff Colyer made “empty promises” to the people of Kansas numerous times in election years (2014, 2016, 2018). Yet, they support policies that eliminated the revenue needed to complete highway projects across Kansas. And she believed that Kris Kobach will soon follow their lead and make a similar empty promise.

“It is hypocritical to promise to complete this project – or any highway project across Kansas – while also promising to eliminate the revenue needed to pay for those projects,” said Kelly. “On the other hand, leaders like Adam Lusker, Monica Murnan and myself have fought against the reckless policies that hurt our communities. We have a consistent record of supporting the comprehensive transportation plan. We have a record of investing in our state.”

Kelly knows that funding the comprehensive transportation plan is dependent on a stable budget and a growing economy. Kobach said he wants to repeat the Brownback tax experiment and he “also promises he would cut spending the moment he takes office” [Garden City Telegram, 6/10/18].

“We must elect a governor who is committed to keeping Kansas on financially stable ground. Laura Kelly is the fiscally responsible candidate we need, devoted to making this highway project a priority and seeing it through to completion,” said Rep. Adam Lusker.