Kelly demonstrates broad support, momentum in new finance report

Kelly demonstrates broad support, momentum in new finance report
Raised $2.3 million since the last fundraising deadline

The Laura Kelly for Kansas campaign filed its third campaign finance report today, demonstrating broad bipartisan support and grassroots momentum moving into the final week of the race. The Kelly campaign has taken in $3,055,405.78 since it began in December 2017.

“Since day one, the support and enthusiasm for this campaign has been overwhelming,” said Senator Laura Kelly. “Kansans of all political stripes have a home in our campaign to rebuild our state. They know I spent my career working to improve the lives of others and will always put the best interests of our children and families first as governor.”

Since the last reporting deadline on July 25th, Kelly has raised $2,321,260.17. This came from 17,071 contributions from 12,115 different donors. 84% of the donations were for less than $100. Only 1.7% of the contributions came from corporations, businesses, or political action committees.

“After eight years of devastation, it is clear Kansans are ready for a change,” said Senator Lynn Rogers, candidate for lieutenant governor. “I’m proud to be working with Laura Kelly to bring people together and move our state forward.”

The Kelly-Rogers campaign has $530,303.45 cash on hand.