Governor Mike Hayden endorses Senator Laura Kelly for Governor

Citing her no-nonsense approach and her ability to bring people together to solve problems, former Kansas Republican Governor Mike Hayden endorsed Senator Laura Kelly for governor today.

“I’m honored to have Governor Hayden’s support as we work to rebuild Kansas,” said Kelly. “I have always admired Governor Hayden’s commitment to Kansas and his work on our natural resources, wildlife, and parks. Throughout his time in the House, as Kansas governor, and as a cabinet secretary, Governor Hayden worked to make our communities and state better. And he always put the best interests of our state first.”

Prior to serving as the 41st governor of Kansas, Hayden served as Speaker of the Kansas House of Representatives. Following his time as governor, he served as the Kansas Secretary of Wildlife and Parks for three administrations, both Republican and Democratic. During his tenure as governor, Hayden was also Chair of the National Republican Governors’ Association

Governor Mike Hayden’s full statement is below:

“This is a critical year for the state of Kansas. No one can sit on the sidelines in this election. The stakes are too high. We’ve seen the devastation of the last eight years and we have to put the Brownback experiment behind us for good. That is one of the reasons I’m endorsing Senator Laura Kelly for Governor.

“After much thought and analyzing this race and the candidates, I understand Greg Orman cannot win. While he may have something to offer the state of Kansas, this is not the year. This year, we must come together to support Laura Kelly.

“I’ve been a registered Republican for over 50 years. I seldom vote for Democratic candidates, but in this race, I strongly support Laura Kelly. Senator Kelly has worked hard and knows state government and the budget front to back. She is well-prepared to be governor and to lead our state through challenging times.

“After eight years of crisis, we cannot elect someone who wants to repeat the disasters of the past. Kris Kobach has promised to do just that – risking the future of our great state.

“I met Laura years ago, when she led the Kansas Recreation and Park Association. She and I share a commitment to improving the quality of life in our communities – both urban and rural. We worked together many times over the years and she was always willing to work with anyone to solve problems. When she became a state senator, we collaborated on several projects and I knew she had the right priorities. She always puts our kids and families first and not politics.

“Our state faces many challenges and I trust Senator Kelly to use her good common sense to help resolve complex issues. I’ve been a gun owner for 62 years. I’m a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and I’m voting for Laura Kelly. I trust her to support the 2nd Amendment and use common sense to promote safety against gun violence. I also know she is committed to protecting thousands of current and retired public servants who depend on our state retirement system which has been short-changed for nearly a decade.

“Laura Kelly is the best choice to lead Kansas. She will bring Kansans together – regardless of political party – to get our state back on the right track. She will invest in our schools, highways and natural resources so our state and our people can have a bright future. I encourage Kansans to join me and vote for Laura Kelly for governor on November 6.”