Clergy United for Change Endorse Sen. Laura Kelly for Governor

Clergy United for Change Endorse Sen. Laura Kelly for Governor

At a press conference in Wichita today, a group of clergy members endorsed Senator Laura Kelly for governor of Kansas. They cited her longstanding support of early childhood education, public schools, a fair tax system and access to affordable healthcare as a few of the reasons for endorsing Kelly.

“We believe that Sen. Kelly will fight for a strong, stable and sustainable economy that works for everyone,” said Dr. T. LaMont Holder. “She will work to implement fiscally conservative policies, ensure that healthcare is affordable for all, and ensure that all Kansas schools are adequately funded so that every Kansas kid has the opportunity to be educated.”

The group is made up of African American pastors from across the city of Wichita and other African American clergy from around the state of Kansas.

“This is a critical election for Kansas. I’m so honored to have the support of the Clergy United for Change in my campaign for governor,” said Kelly. “Like all Kansans, we share a commitment to our schools, healthcare, and a fair economy that works for everyone. These leaders always put the families and children in their communities first. I’m proud to have them by my side as we work to rebuild Kansas together.”

“Laura Kelly grew up in a career military family where she learned the importance of service, integrity and accountability,” said Holder. “She has made it her life’s work to fight for children and families. These qualities make her the right person for the job! We Stand with Sen. Laura Kelly.”

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