23 current, former Republican leaders join Republicans for Kelly

23 current, former Republican leaders join Republicans for Kelly

Adding to a growing list of influential Republican supporters, 23 more current and former Republican leaders today announced their endorsement of Senator Laura Kelly for governor. The group cited Kelly’s bipartisan approach to solving problems and her ability to deliver real results for Kansas families as the reason for their support.

“Laura Kelly is a common sense, moderate leader who will bring people together – regardless of party – to fix the issues facing our state,” said Former Senate Majority Leader Fred Kerr. “She led the bipartisan coalition to end the Brownback experiment and put Kansas on the road to recovery. While Kris Kobach wants to repeat the disastrous tax experiment of the last eight years, Laura wants to move our state forward. That’s an idea we can all unite around.”

The new members of Republicans for Laura Kelly include: Former Speaker of the House Robert H. “Bob” Miller, Former Senate Majority Leader Fred Kerr, Former Sen. Carolyn Tillotson, Former Rep. Ron Worley, Former Rep. Ellen Samuelson, Former Rep. Tom Moxley, Former Rep. Nancy Brown, Former Rep. Martha Jenkins, Former US Attorney Lee Thompson, Former GOP National Delegate Sue Harper Ice, Former State BOE Carol (Rupe) Linnens, Former County Comm. Brad Dillon, Former Mayor Ken Bower, Former City Comm. Rob Chestnut, School Board Member Kevin McWhorter, Former School Board Member Cynthia Yulich, Former School Board Member Janet Sprecker, Former School Board Member Gail Jamison, Committee Chair Robert Brandenburg, Committee Chair Sharon Brandenburg, Precinct Committee Person Gloria Farha Flentje, Precinct Committee Person John Immel, and Precinct Committee Person Sheila Immel.

“I’m honored to have the support of these dedicated public servants,” said Kelly. “I’ve always believed that we get things done by bringing people together. That’s been my approach in the state Senate and that will be my approach as governor. Together, we will get our state back on track.”

The Republicans for Kelly movement now has more than 50 Republican leaders and public officials, including former governor Bill Graves and former US Senator Nancy Kassebaum. The group is working together to engage Republicans, Democrats, and unaffiliated voters in their communities across the state.

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