Release: Laura Kelly’s New Ad Highlights Her Bipartisan Support and Leadership

Yesterday, the Laura Kelly for Kansas campaign released their new ad, “Both,” in which Republican Senator Barbara Bollier and Democrat Senator Tom Hawk express their support for Laura Kelly and her track record of bringing people together to get things done for Kansans.

“We work with Laura Kelly in the Senate and she treats everyone with respect, even when she disagrees,” said Bollier.

They also note that while Laura Kelly will work with people across the aisle, Kris Kobach will only continue the fighting and bickering of the Brownback Administration.

“Kris Kobach would be just like Sam Brownback, lots of fighting, only making things worse,” said Bollier.

Laura Kelly has demonstrated bipartisan leadership throughout her time in the Senate, leading the coalition of Democrats, Republicans and Independents to repeal the Brownback tax experiment and put Kansas on the road to recovery. She also worked across the aisle to increase funding to Kansas public schools and to vote on Medicaid expansion.

“Laura can actually bring us all together,” said Hawk.

“And that is the only way we’ll get our state back on track,” finished Bollier.

Since announcing her candidacy for governor, Laura Kelly has received the support of numerous Republican leaders and elected officials, including former United States Senator Nancy Kassebaum and former Governor Bill Graves. Other Republican endorsements include former US Senator and Lt. Gov. Sheila Frahm, Lt. Gov. Gary Sherrer, Ins. Com. Sandy Praeger, Senate President Dick Bond, Senate President Dave Kerr, Senate Majority Leader Lana Oleen, Senate Majority Leader Tim Emert, Senate Vice President John Vratil, Sen. Barbara Allen, Sen. David Wysong, Sen. Wint Winter Jr., Sen. Pete Brungardt, Sen. Ruth Teichman, Sen. Barbara Bollier, Sen. Audrey Langworthy, Sen. Terrie Huntington, Sen. Bob VanCrum, Sen. Alicia Salisbury, Rep. JoAnn Pottorff, Rep. Ginger Barr, Rep. Jim Yonally, Rep. Jim Lowther, Rep. Fred Lorentz, Rep. Joy Koesten, Rep. and GOP Chairperson Rochelle Chronister, Rep. Charlie Roth, and GOP National Delegate Don Johnston.

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