Kobach campaign’s attack on Kassebaum is unacceptable

Kobach campaign’s attack on Kassebaum is unacceptable

In response to former US Senator Nancy Landon Kassebaum endorsing Laura Kelly for governor, the Kobach campaign insulted Kassebaum and attacked her for not supporting him.

“I’m sure Kris Kobach is frustrated by the lack of support he is receiving from his own party, but to viciously attack Senator Kassebaum is disappointing to say the least,” said Kelly. “This type of name-calling is not acceptable from children, and it is certainly not acceptable from a man who wants to be governor. This is exactly why many Kansans are supporting my campaign to bring people together to solve problems for Kansas families.”

Kris Kobach’s campaign spokesperson said the following in response to the Kassebaum endorsement: “Democrats trot out these same tired has-beens clinging to the past, pretending to be Republicans when they so clearly left the party a long time ago.”

“This was a callous and false attack on a pillar of Kansas politics and public service,” said Senator Wint Winter Jr. “This just underscores Kris Kobach’s scorched earth approach to advancing his own political career. No Kansan is safe from his extreme approach!”

The Laura Kelly campaign has gained broad support from Republicans, Democrats and unaffiliated voters. In recent weeks, former Gov. Bill Graves, former US Senator and Lt. Gov. Sheila Frahm, Lt. Gov. Gary Sherrer, Ins. Com. Sandy Praeger, and Senate Presidents Dick Bond and Dave Kerr endorsed Kelly.

“Instead of attacking Nancy Kassebaum, Kris Kobach should look in the mirror to see why Republicans are rejecting his campaign,” said former Ins. Com. Sandy Praeger. “Kris Kobach wants to bring back the Brownback experiment that devastated our state and divide Kansans through fear, anger and insults. We want change. And Laura Kelly is the only candidate who can bring Kansans together to get our state back on track.