Our moment to rise above the division

Thank you.

Every phone call, contribution, and conversation made a difference today. Together, we earned this victory and we should celebrate this moment. I’m grateful for all you did and to the people of Kansas for making their voices heard.

But even as we celebrate tonight, the damage that has been done to our state hangs over us. We feel joy, but we also feel a fierce sense of determination because tonight’s victory showed that Kansans are ready for change.

This is our moment to come together as Kansans and unite around something bigger than party. Bigger than ideology. Bigger than ourselves. A vision for Kansas that puts our children first.

But first, we must win in November.

Now, we still don’t know who will emerge as our main opponent.

But we do know this: no matter who ends up winning the Republican nomination, both Kris Kobach and Jeff Colyer represent more of the same failed Brownback policies that put our state in this mess. So it almost doesn’t matter who comes out ahead — Kansans will decide this November between the status quo and change.

I believe you deserve better than what you’ve gotten these last eight years. It’s not about Democratic solutions or Republican agendas. It’s about putting the people of Kansas first — and that’s exactly what I’ve done my entire career.

It’s about making sure our public schools are funded and that all our kids have the chance to succeed. It’s about making sure that we provide workers with training and opportunity. It’s about making sure all Kansans can get good quality healthcare. And it’s about never again losing sight of who we are.

Kansans are ready to slam the door on the last eight years. And we’re ready to restore everything that makes our state special.

With your help this November, we’ll make it happen.

Let’s get to work.