The following statement is from Senator Laura Kelly, candidate for governor, on the victory of Kris Kobach in the Republican Primary

At a time when Kansas families continue to really struggle as a result of Sam Brownback’s reckless policies, the last thing they need is a Governor like Kris Kobach, who has pledged to bring back the same disastrous policies that created this mess.

With Kris Kobach as Governor, Kansans get all of the failed policies of Sam Brownback plus Kobach’s unique brand of hyper-partisanship and self-promotion. Quite simply, Kris Kobach is Sam Brownback on steroids, and that’s the last thing that Kansans need right now.

Kansans have made it very clear, they want to slam the door on the failed Brownback experiment that Kris Kobach represents. They want strong schools, good jobs, balanced budgets without new taxes and a growing economy.

These are the priorities that I will bring back to the governor’s office. After years of crisis and turmoil, Kansans want the steady and experienced leadership that I bring to the table. I’m ready to bring Kansans together to rebuild our state.