RELEASE: Ten current, former Democratic leaders endorse Laura Kelly for governor

Ten current and former legislators and leaders in the Democratic Party today endorsed Senator Laura Kelly in her campaign for governor. Citing her experience and commitment to working families, Senators Pat Pettey and Tom Holland, Representatives Nancy Lusk, Annie Kuether, Kathy Wolfe Moore, Barbara Ballard, John Carmichael, former Representatives Dolores Furtado and Lisa Benlon and former Democratic Chair Larry Gates announced their support for Kelly.

“I’m honored to have the support of so many leaders in our party,” said Kelly. “I have worked alongside each of these dedicated Kansans as they fight on behalf of working men and women and their families.”

Statement from Senator Pat Pettey:

“I’m pleased to endorse Laura Kelly for governor. She has made it her lifelong mission to fight for Kansas kids. She’s been a strong advocate for our schools – including early childhood programs and technical schools. Laura is a highly-respected leader who knows how to bring people together to address the complicated challenges we face. She will be the leader we need to get our state back on sound fiscal footing.”

Statement from Senator Tom Holland:

“Laura Kelly is the right person to lead Kansas at this critical time. She has been on the frontlines fighting the Brownback-Colyer tax experiment for eight years – standing up for the people of Kansas. I know Laura to be a tough, independent leader who puts working men and women and their families first.”

Statement from Representative Barbara Ballard:

“Laura Kelly’s commitment to our children and our schools – from early childhood to K-12 to college to the workforce – makes her the right choice to be our governor. She has been a strong advocate for technical schools, colleges and universities fighting to invest more funding and keep tuition affordable for students and families. I’m confident she will get Kansas back on track.”

Statement from Representative Nancy Lusk:

“Whenever anyone asks me who is the best all-around legislator in the Kansas, I have a ready answer: Senator Laura Kelly. She’s brilliant, she’s tough and she is effective. Behind Laura Kelly’s calm demeanor lies her character of steely strength and drive.”

Statement from Representative Kathy Wolfe Moore:

“Laura Kelly’s strong support for our communities – including our schools, community mental health programs and businesses – make her the best choice to be our governor. Laura and I share a steadfast commitment to our public schools and understand they are the foundation of a strong and growing economy. I know she will bring Kansans together to invest in our future.”

Statement from Representative John Carmichael:

“Laura Kelly has the experience and judgment we need to put Kansas back on the right track.”

Statement from Representative Annie Kuether:

“Laura Kelly is the best choice to lead Kansas at this critical time of recovery. She is a passionate advocate for working families and will fight to ensure every Kansan has the opportunity to succeed.”

Statement from former Democratic Chair Larry Gates:

“I’m proud to support Laura Kelly for Governor. Laura has spent her career giving back to Kansas. She is a smart, strong woman who will bring people together to rebuild our state that has been devastated by the Brownback-Colyer administration.”

Statement from former Representative Lisa Benlon:

“Laura Kelly is the best choice to be our governor. After years of crisis and turmoil, we need a governor who will put our families first and work with the business community to create jobs and make Kansas an innovative place for new and emerging industries. Laura has the experience and drive to turn Kansas around.”

Statement from former Representative Dolores Furtado:

“When Laura and I served in the Kansas Legislature, we worked on a bill that crafted safety regulations for in-home based businesses that care for infants and toddlers. A life-threatening incident prompted hearings that included emotional testimony by both care providers and parents. Laura listened and provided thoughtful guidance and leadership in addressing the need for safety regulations. As Governor, I am confident that Laura will listen, guide and lead Kansas to a stable and brighter future. I am proud to endorse Laura Kelly for Governor.”