Laura Kelly recognizes the end of Women’s History Month, endorsements

To recognize the end of Women’s History Month, Senator Laura Kelly celebrated the importance of women participating in the political process, getting involved, or running for office. She also expressed gratitude for the support she’s received from strong female leaders.

Statement from Senator Laura Kelly:

In recent years, I’ve been encouraged to see more Kansas women getting involved in our political process and being active in their communities. Whether it is on their own or through groups like Women for Kansas, Kansans Advancing Women, Moms Demand Action, League of Women Voters, or many more, Kansas women are stepping up and making their voices heard.

If I’ve learned anything during my time in the Legislature, it’s that women’s voices have gone unheard for far too long. We must make sure women are at the table when decisions are made.

So often, decisions that will impact women’s lives – whether it is women’s healthcare or school funding or affordable childcare or jobs – are made by a room full of men. That is about to change. We need more women contributing to those discussions and those decisions because the outcome will be different.

I’m humbled to have the support of strong women who worked hard on behalf of Kansas families. They served their communities and made a difference in the opportunities available to our children. They made sure that every Kansan’s voice is heard.

My challenge to Kansas women – no matter your age, location, or political party – is to get involved. Register to vote and register your friends. And then fight for the issues that are important to you and your family. And this November, we will be the change we seek!

Throughout Women’s History Month, Laura Kelly for Kansas highlighted women who have left their mark on our state and made life better for Kansans. They also announced a bi-partisan group of leaders who endorsed Sen. Kelly during March. They include: Former Governor Kathleen Sebelius, former Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger, Senators Janis Lee, Kelly Kultala, Marge Petty, Former Representatives Julie Menghini, Ann Mah, Annie Tietze, Judy Loganbill, Delores Furtado, Lisa Benlon, former Secretary of Revenue Joan Wagnon, and former KCK mayor Carol Marinovich.