Together, let’s move beyond Brownback once and for all

It has been a long time coming. Finally, on January 31st Sam Brownback is leaving Kansas. His disastrous experiment has inflicted serious damage to our state that will likely take years to fix. He’s leaving our budget in shambles, our schools underfunded, our economy at a standstill, and our communities struggling to make ends meet. And sadly, our challenges are far from over. Taking over his legacy is Jeff Colyer.

As Lieutenant Governor, Jeff Colyer was Sam Brownback’s biggest fan. They worked hand-in-hand to create policies that harmed our state. They both championed the tax plan that led to the devastating collapse of our state’s budget and economy. From dismantling our top-notch highway program to cutting schools to privatizing our Medicaid system, Jeff Colyer helped lead the way.

But he is not alone in his support for Sam Brownback. Secretary of State Kris Kobach and other Republican candidates for governor supported Sam Brownback’s irresponsible tax plan. They supported his efforts to decimate our public schools and steal money from our roads. Several have even proposed we bring the experiment back.

From Topeka to Tribune folks tell me it is time to go in a new direction.

I’ve spent the last seven years in the Legislature fighting for teachers and taxpayers, seniors and students who suffer under the bad policies of the Brownback/Colyer Administration. I have witnessed first-hand the problems that were created by their failed tax plan. I know where the problems are, and I am uniquely qualified to fix them.

It’s time Kansans come together to invest in our shared priorities – strong schools, affordable healthcare, safe roads, and a thriving economy. To do that, we must first balance our budget. I have been a leader on budget issues for my entire career in the Senate. As governor, I will continue to advocate for fiscal responsibility and a balanced budget so that government can start working for the people again.

This November, Kansas voters have an opportunity to reclaim our state and move beyond Brownback once and for all. Let’s get it done together.