Laura Kelly raises $150,000 in two weeks

Today Senator Laura Kelly filed her first campaign finance report since announcing her bid for Kansas governor on December 15, 2017. In just 17 days, Kelly raised $155,691.18 from 439 individual donors.

“I’m grateful to all the folks who took time during the holidays to support this campaign,” said Kelly. “We have been overwhelmed by the support we’ve received so far – from kind words to donations to newspaper stories – the response has been amazing.”

The report shows that 87% of the donations were made by Kansans and 64% were under $100.

“Kansans want a governor who will be their champion – someone who will fight for our shared priorities like schools, health care and roads,” said Senator Lynn Rogers, treasurer for the Laura Kelly for Kansas campaign. “It’s clear that Kansans are excited to have a strong, experienced leader in the governor’s office again.”

The campaign is reporting $154,939.28 cash on hand. The campaign did not receive any loans. “With the right leadership, we can once again have strong schools, vibrant communities, good jobs and a thriving economy,” said Kelly. “I have the experience needed to get to work on day one and deliver results for the people of Kansas.”